Doe Churchyard Gravestone Inscriptions

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Frances Ann Curran 24/7/1928 aged 55 years
Dominick Augustine Curran died 25/12/1938
Winifred P. Williams died 26/6/1966

Erected by her brothers
James Austin T.A.L
Dominick Augustine C.D.
John Joseph
T. Bartholemew B.L.

In Memory of
Bernard Harkin
who departed this life
28th February 1872
Aged 52 years
also in memory of
Winifred Harkin
alias Denniston
who departed this life
9th September 1865
aged 37 years

(on adjacent face)
Patrick Harkin
Died 13th January 1883
Aged 26 years
R. I. P.

Rose Harkin
Died 24th June 1955
Aged 91 years
R. I. P.

by Edward Coll in memory of
his worthy wife Sarah Coll also
Harold who departed this life
November 5 (?) AD 1839/? aged ??
years. Keep prayers(?) ...

also in memory of
Edward Coll
who departed this life
5(?) March 187/?3
aged 86 years.

In loving memory
Patrick Boyle
Died 3rd Feb 1941
his wife Rose
died 6th Sept. 196/?6

Rest in Peace
Erected by
their daughter Mary

In Loving Memory of
Annie Boyle
Died 20 Oct. 1970
Her husband Pat
Died 12 March 1978.

Suaimhneas síorraí í riocht Dé.

Ó Baoghaill

(this is probably Annie 'Pat' Boyle)

Next to Annie and Pat Boyle's grave (in the same plot?) is a grave marked by a number of metal plaques and a metal heart.
On the two metal plaques:

In Memory of
Neal Coll
Died 8th Dec 1937

Also his wife
Mary Coll
Died on 1st June 1941

On the metal heart:
Jesus Mary

Have pity
on me

the next grave on the right is the grave of Dominick Coll and his wife Ellen - see below

Loving Memory
Aifric Sheridan
who died 26th Feby.
aged 73 years.

(On adjacent face)

Loving Memory
Winifred Fox
who died 2nd April
aged 26 years

(On next adjacent face)

Loving Memory
Maggie Sheridan
who died 19th Feby.
aged 35 years

(No other names appear on this gravestone.
Aifric and Maggie were Mother and Daughter
so perhaps Winifred was also Afric's daughter?
This grave is adjacent to the Walsh's grave ...)

In Memory of Dr. P.S. Walsh KC
Died 16th May 1943
aged 86 years
His wife Mary Afric
died 23rd February 1932
aged 66 years
Sons Hubert Walsh
died 9th March 1927
aged 30 years
and Dr. Paul Walsh
died 10th Oct 1938
aged 35 years
Their daughter
Aifric Walsh
died 17th Nov 1907
aged 14 months
Sons Major Brian Walsh
died 16th Dec 1979
aged 81 years
Dermot Walsh
died 12th Sept 1977 aged 76 years
His wife Nina Walsh
died 17th Oct 1980 aged 72 years

Requiescant in pace

Dr. Coll died 22nd July 1944 aged 45 years
His son Charles
Died 26th Apr 1937 aged 6 months
His wife Una
died 16th Dec 1962 aged 68 yrs
Hugh Harkin died 30/10/1924/7? aged 100
Patrick Harkin died 13/11/1919 aged 66

Thy Will be Done
In Loving Memory of
Francis Coll Derryfad died 1922
His Wife Susan died 1931
Their Sons:
Frank died 1940
Edward died 1958
Edward J. died 1943
Annie died 1937

John Coll died 7/4/1966
Annie Coll died 3/12/1971
Mary Coll died 23/5/1978
James Coll died London Nov '79
Andrew Coll died Glasgow May '89
Denis Coll died London May 1990
Frank Coll died 14/11/1999

Erected by their family

In memory of
Dominick Coll of Derryfad
who died July 1889 aged 81 years
and his wife Ellen
who died Nov 1891 aged 72 years
Erected by their daughter Mary
wife of Thomas Curran M.P. J.P.

In loving memory of
Denis Coll
died 14th Feb. 1941, aged 80 years
Fanny Coll
died 26th May 1951, aged 85 years
Son James Coll
died 28th Dec. 1943, aged 52 years
her sister Annie Harkin
died 16th Oct. 1942, aged 74 years
Edward Coll
died 21st Oct. 1971 aged 72 years