George Denniston 1795-18xx

George Denniston was probably the son of William Denniston and Mary (Molly) Stewart of Faugher, Port-na-Blath. His father was born in 1740 and died in 1831. George was born in 1795. His date of death is not known but he was alive in December 1873.

We do not know too much about George other than:

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Extract from the Leitrim Rent Books for 1836 (thanks to Diarmuid "Indiana Jones" Mee for unearthing this). A PDF version can be found here.

Townland  Lessors  Sub-Let?  Amount  Comments 
Pop 114
of this number there are
9 families containing
30 individuals who
are not tenants

Daniel McGinley
Hugh McGinley
Cornelius McGinley
James McGinley

Edward Moore
James McBride
William Shiels
Patrick McAward
Owen & Patrick

George Deniston

Stephen Boyce
Patrick Mc Bride
Francis McNutt
Brian McGinley
Michael McConghile(?)
Neal Boyce

James Moore
James McLoughlin
James McBride
Patrick McBride
Patrick Cullen
Peggy Moore

George Deniston




The leases of Drumdutton
were granted in the year
1796. Except George
Denniston (who is a
very respectable tenant)
the rest of the tenants in
this townland are very
poor tho' the land is
low set/rent(?) there is not
however any amount
due from them.
The number of acres
cannot be stated
as it is not mentioned with leases.