Rathmullan Churchyard Gravestone Inscriptions

In Loving Memory of
Charles Sheridan
Drumhall Lower
Died 13th May 1950 (?)
His Brother
Died 7th Jan 1955

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Have Mercy on the Soul of
John Sheridan
Died 23rd Dec 1926
his Wife Margaret died 1st April 1976(?)

Madge Hodgson
died 11th Aug 1965
Edward Sheridan died 26th March 1967
Catherine Sheridan died 16th Sept 1970
James Sheridan died 27th June 1977
Margaret H. Sheridan died 14th July 1990
Mary Ann King
Died 29th October 1990
Rest in Peace

In Loving Memory
William Sheridan
Died 20th Oct 1946.
And his daughter
Died 27th Aug 1956
And wife Julia
Died 2nd Oct 1963
Son John J. Sheridan
Died 22nd Aug 1988
Daughter Winnie Sheridan
Died 11th Oct 1990
Charles Sheridan
Died 8th Feb 2001

In Loving Memory
Frank Sheridan
Died 12th Feb 1964
Aged 24 years
James Sheridan
Died 27th Aug 1981
Aged 79 years
Wife of
Died 4th Feb 1987
Aged 72 years

(same grave as above)
In Memory of
Our Parents
Rose & James
Always Loved &
Remembered By
Ann & Julia

In Loving Memory of
Rosanna Sheridan Died 3rd Dec 1962
Joseph Sheridan
Died 18th April 1977

In Loving Memory of
Kate Sheridan nee Doherty)
Pennsylvania 1887
Clondallan 19th August 1966
Nanna Sheridan
Died 25th March 1988 Aged 76 years
Rene Allan
nee McCauley)
Died 5th September 1997 aged 49 yrs

In Loving Memory of
Mary Theresa Duffy
Fintown & Philadelphia USA
Died 14th Aug 2001
Her Nephews & Niece
Neil Joseph and Mary Sheridan
(Gravestone Family given as SHERIDAN)

In Loving
Joseph A. Sheridan
Died 1st Jan 1969 aged 78
His wife
Died 8th March 1988 aged 88

In Loving Memory of
John Thomas Sheridan
Died 11th August 1969
Aged 77
His wife
Died 4th December 1977
Aged 84 years

In Loving Memory
Thomas Sheridan
2, Market Sq. Rathmullan
Died 5th Jan 1970 aged 63
His wife
Died 15th Sept, 1993 aged 84

Pray for
Rev James Deeney C.C. Creeslough
Ordained 20th June 1937 (?)
Died 30th April 1983 (?)
Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the
Soul of
Stephen Sheridan
Aghawoney Ramelton
Died 24th May 1986

In Loving Memory of
Thomas Sheridan
Died 4th January 1988
Aged 60 Years

In Loving Memory of
A dear Husband and Father
Denis Noel Sheridan
Died 17th May 1998
Aged 50 Years

In Loving Memory of
Mum and Dad
Mary Patricia Sheridan
Newton. Co. Donegal
Died Tues 19th Dec 1990
Aged 83 Years
And her husband
Dr. James Sheridan
Newton. Co. Donegal
Died Sun 21st April 1991
Aged 79 years

In Loving Memory of
Joseph Sheridan
Died 22nd Dec. 1993
his brother
Died in infancy Nov 1965
His sister Geraldine
Died in infancy Jan 1969
their grandfather
Sam Barrett
Died 30th Dec 1993
Their grandmother
Maggie Barrett
Died 15th April 1995
(Family name on grave is Sheridan)

On same grave
Joseph 31st Jan 1970
In Loving Memory of
A Dear Son
Brother and Uncle
John Sheridan
Died 11th July 2004
Aged 19 years

In Old Church Yard, inside the old Church ruins
Two graves side by side

On Left
In Loving Memory of
James Sheridan
Upper Drumhalla
Died 9th July 1941
Aged 62 years
Erected by the Family

On right
In Loving Memory of
Pat & Cassie Sheridan

In the grounds of new Church
Orate Pro Anima
Reverendi Patritii Sheridan
Vicarii de Ardaghey Inver
Qui Pie Obiit
Die Tertio Septembris 1933